One.Nine Narcissist

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One.Nine Narcissist gives a fuck.


In an age of social distancing and ice cold social media personas One.Nine Narcissist is trying his hardest to push honesty to the forefront with a razor sharp edge.

Starting his career in 2018 the artist known as One.Nine has been ruthlessly experimenting with genre and social messaging through a combination of creative production, vocal processing, and impeccable mic skills.

His previous releases have garnered acclaim from outlets such as Stimulate Your Soul who describe his sound as "a combination of Kendrick and classic era Eminem" [9/3/2020].

While previous projects 'Loki' and 'Anansi' have been dark and sometimes humorous explorations of the inner workings of the artist, One.Nine has turned his pen on the outside world specifically the state of his country. His latest singles 'Mando' and '~metronome~' have taken aim at the government and social conditions within Australia while showcasing the cutting edge sound the artist is known for. 

Narcissist is focused on making his name and agenda known to listeners through a series of releases throughout the next year culminating in his long awaited concept album that promises to paint a target on those that make modern living much worse for others.

One.Nine Narcissist will be Hip Hop's Punk Prince.

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M: 0415 521 548 (Tom Cross)